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About Me

Samuel Harjanne is an international theatre director and actor, originally from Finland. He has performed in various theatres in Finland, and he has directed shows in multiple languages in Finland, Estonia and the United Kingdom. He is specialized in musical theatre and concentrated on the art of performing and understanding music on stage. Teaching has been a big part of his career, as well as Voice Overs in various movies and TV-series. Passion for theatre has been his driving force and is never ending.

Photo by © Kalevi Rytkölä/Yle

Theatre Director.

My aim is to tell stories that matter - create an unforgettable experience of true emotions, entertaining spectacle and professional quality.

Everything else .

Teaching and coaching has been a big part of my life. Educating the theatre talents of tomorrow is a passionate subject to me.

My work as a Voice Over Artist in multiple animations, movies, and TV-series has stimulated my imagination, and continues to be a huge part of my career as a performer.

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Samuel Harjanne

About Directing

In the early face of his directing career, Samuel started directing musical theatre for youth theatre companies, and in 2008 he made his professional directing debut with Altar Boyz in Helsinki, starring one of the biggest pop-stars in Finland – Antti Tuisku.

His other directorial credits include The Wedding Singer (2010), You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (2011), Disney’s Aladdin – bilingual version (2012), Hevisaurus ja Velhojenvuoren salaisuus (2013), I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change! (2014, 2016), and Stiles & Drewe’s The Three Little Pigs (2014), Loserville (2015), and Don’t Run – A New Musical (2015). Spring Awakening (2017), and Les Misérables (2017). Kinky Boots (2018), Billy Elliot (2018) and Disney’s The Little Mermaid(2019). Maailma On Tehty Meitä Varten(2020), a transfer of Kinky Boots (2020), Groundhog Day (2020) and Sister Act (2020). In 2021 Samuel opens Spring Awakening, in Sweden, and at Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, Finland, Roald Dahl’s Matilda and Come From Away.

Samuel Harjanne

About Education

Samuel is educated in Sibelius Academy (BA Music Education) and GSA - Guildford School of Acting (MA Creative Practices & Direction). He has been taught by some of the best musical theatre professionals in the world, e.g. David Brunetti (USA), Anne-Marie Speed (UK), Julian Woolford (UK), Michael Moor (UK) and Terrie Fender (UK). His work is strongly influenced by the theories of Keith Johnstone (UK) and improvisation has had a huge impact on his career.

Musical Theatre Education has always been a passionate subject for Samuel. He has been teaching musical theatre in all major theatre schools in Finland (Theatre Academy of Helsinki, and the University of Tampere, to name a few), and he has also been a guest director at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London, UK. In 2010 he was teaching pop & rock singing in the Conservatoire of Turku. He has also been teaching privately musical theatre performance & singing, focusing on how to act through music.

Samuel Harjanne

About Voice Overs

Since 1998 Samuel has been heard in multiple animations on screen, television and games in Finnish. He has been dubbing movies for all the major film companies, e.g. Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers and Universal. These are some examples of his Voice Over works: Peter Pan and Return to Never Land (2002), Digimon Zero 2 (2001), Disney’s Kim Possible (2002-2007), Asterix and the Vikings (2006), Arthur and the Invisibles 1-3 (2007-2010), Disney’s Narnia Movies 1 & 2 (2005 & 2008), Disney’s Ratatouille (2007), Disney’s Hannah Montana (2006-2011), Surf’s Up (2007), Alvin and the Chipmunks Movies 1-3 (2007-2011), Little Prince (2010-2013), Happy Feet 2 (2011), The Adventures of Tintin – Secret of the Unicorn (2011), Lorax (2012), Lego Ninjago! (2011-2015), Life of Pi (2012), Disney’s Phineas & Ferb (2007-2015), and Rio 2 (2014). His voice is heard in over 200 movies and TV-series in Finland.

Samuel has also directed several Finnish versions of animations, movies and games. Some examples of his work include Bridge to Terabithia (2007), SamSam (2007-2011), A Charlie Brown Christmas (2008), Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009), Disney’s High School Musical El Desafio (2009), Disney’s Gnomeo & Juliet (2011), Disney’s Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure (2011), Disney’s Cars 2 console Game (2011), and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013). Disney’s Pete’s Dragon (2016), and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (2017).

Samuel Harjanne

Other Achievements and Influences

In 2011 Samuel was one of the founders of Scandinavian production company, Polar Illusions (www.polarillusions.com). Its main purpose is to produce quality musical theatre in Scandinavian countries, connecting Nordic theatrical talents and developing musical theatre in Nordic countries. Since that Polar Illusions has produced two big scale productions in Finland and created a strong co-operation with Tallink Silja Oy, one of the biggest cruise lines in Scandinavia. Overall Polar Illusions has produced two Scandinavian premieres, one European premiere and four world premieres (four shows specifically created for Silja Line cruise lines).

Samuel was awarded with “Ensi Linja” – Award in 2012 for his work as a director in Disney’s Aladdin. The award was for a new promising musical theatre talent.

Samuel has worked with several musical theatre professionals around the world who represent the finest quality of international industry professionals, e.g. George Stiles (UK), Anthony Drewe (UK), David Bell (USA), Steven Dexter (UK), Gunilla Olsson-Karlsson (SWE), Dominic Shaw (UK), Georg Malvius (SWE), Markku Nenonen (FI) and Igor Barberic (HR).

International musical theatre has always intrigued Samuel, and since 2014 he has been living in the United Kingdom.



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News Reviews

Here are the latest updates of what’s going on in my life. You can also find some press quotes from my latest works.

Photo by © Kalevi Rytkölä/Yle



I couldn't be happier.

Record-breaking musical phenomenon WICKED is finally arriving to Sweden! After 20 years of musical theatre history making, this musical receives its Swedish premiere at GöteborgsOperan. The production will open in 2023.

I have the great honour to lead the creative team and direct this fantastic piece of musical theatre for the first time in Swedish. I am extremely excited to collaborate with the GöteborsgOperan, and I cannot wait to start looking for the amazing cast members of this fresh new production.

This will also be my first time to collaborate with takis (Set & Costume Design) and Bjorn Dobbelaere (Music Direction). And I have the huge pleasure to continue working with my partner in crime, Gunilla Olsson (Choreography).

This musical is my all-time dream to re-design and direct. I couldn't be happier. Truly.



I am very excited to enter 2022! 2021 has not been the easiest year, but it has been filled with musical theatre magic. My productions have been seen in three countries, in three different languages, and we have survived all challenges created by viruses.

My production of SPRING AWAKENING played in Gothenburg, Sweden, earlier in 2021. It was such a pleasure to get back to this magnificent script and direct it for the 4th time in my career.

KINKY BOOTS has had once again a sold-out year in Tampere, Finland. I am so proud to realise this production enters its 4th year in Finland! My production of KINKY BOOTS was also featured at the 74th Annual Tony Awards in 2021 as part of the international Broadway community. This was a big moment for me, for the cast, and for the entire country of Finland.

SISTER ACT is going strong in Tartu, Estonia. Every single performance has been sold out, and every show receives standing ovations. The nuns are making Estonians crazy!

In October, we opened MATILDA in Tampere, Finland - and our brand new production received raving reviews from all newspapers and critics!! We received 5 star reviews after another. I personally am so happy and proud for all the children in the show, and how much they all have achieved and developed in this production. May this show have a long run, and not be challenged by viruses.

While all these productions have been performing, I have been in the rehearsal rooms for my upcoming productions of COME FROM AWAY and ANASTASIA. Both shows are set to open in 2022, and now we must just carefully look into how the possible restrictions develop. COME FROM AWAY is going to be something extraordinary, and a show the entire world should see. Especially during times like these. ANASTASIA is promising to be a beautiful, emotional story about Russia, the close neighbour of Finland. Culturally this is a special production.

This year will also introduce other great musicals, and more about those productions later.

Harjanne Company Ltd had a busy, tough, but a good year in 2021. I am happy to be a CEO of a company that succeeds taking care of their employees as well as to maintain the high level of artistic excellence. May year 2022 be full of happy moments and new exciting opportunities for Creative Team Management, and musical theatre creation.

Happy New Year, everyone!



Live theatre has suffered a lot due to the outbreak of COVID-19. But theatre is back - and with a bang!

Both SISTER ACT (playing at the Vanemuine Theatre, Estonia) and KINKY BOOTS (playing at the Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, Finland) resumed performances in September, 2021. It is also wonderful to realise that both of these productions are sold out, and audiences are getting wild! During these times it is extremely important to celebrate life, love and happiness - and these shows most definitely offer a proper party for these themes.

KINKY BOOTS opened originally in Helsinki, 2018, and has been playing to sold out audiences now for more than 3 years. SISTER ACT opened originally in Tartu, 2020, and has been raising people’s voices ever since.

For possible return tickets, please visit:



Video from the re-opening of KINKY BOOTS, 24th of September, 2021.


SISTER ACT opened in Estonia with celebrating response, SPRING AWAKENING in rehearsals in Sweden, and ANASTASIA set to open in 2022!

Year 2020 has been nothing but comfortable. Despite all devastating restrictions that have immobilised our industry, I have kept busy with work. I must be one of the lucky 2% worldwide who is capable of working professionally during these times, and some of my shows are actually even open for public.

In late November 2020, my new production of SISTER ACT opened in Tartu, Estonia. Vanemuine Theatre is the same grand theatre that produced my production of LES MISÉRABLES in 2017. Due to slight challenges created by COVID-19, it was a tiny miracle to open this show in time, and what a show it turned out to be! SISTER ACT became the much-needed-feel-good-show that brings audiences to their feet night after night! Laughter, happiness, tears, joy are the first four reactions one can spot from the audiences, and that just brings tears to my eyes to see how much live theatre means to so many. SISTER ACT is completely sold-out until further notice, and Vanemuine Theatre is currently capable of welcoming 400 people at a time. Hopefully this will soon become full auditoriums.

More information can be found here:


In December, SPRING AWAKENING started rehearsals in Gothenburg, Sweden. This production will be my very first show in Sweden, and I sincerely hope there will be many more to come. Sweden is highly appreciated due to their skills in musical theatre, and that is strongly due to their efforts in musical theatre training. The young cast of this production is from Balettakademien Göteborg (BA). I am very glad to work with this spectacular story for the 5th time in my life. This daring, brave production will bring chills of happiness, sadness and anger to your body mind and soul. SPRING AWAKENING is scheduled to open on February 4th, 2021.

And as the final announcement of 2020, I will be directing a totally new production of ANASTASIA THE MUSICAL in 2022! This will most definitely be a wondrous journey to the past. ANASTASIA will premier in Tampere Theatre September 3rd, 2022. Auditions will take place in January 2021. I cannot wait to design this magical historical story on stage.

Happy New year! May 2021 be greater, easier, and filled with live entertainment of all kinds!



In May 2019, it stood clear that KINKY BOOTS was to transfer from Helsinki City Theatre to Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, in the fall of 2020. The success show from Helsinki was going to be given a new life, and what a life it’s been given!

We all know that times are devastating for the arts industry, and while a lot of rehearsals and productions got put on hold this year in Finland, KINKY BOOTS got around it with rehearsals right before the breakout of the virus this spring. And when theatres started to open their doors for audiences again in the end of the summer, our production was planned to enter the last weeks of rehearsals before opening in the end of September – an opening night to remember.

KINKY BOOTS is a show that bring joy to people, both on and off stage, and joy is something we always need to feel, but especially right now. The happiness and warmth the show gave audiences in Helsinki is now heating up the auditorium in Tampere too. I am so proud of this show, the team behind it, and especially proud to see a transfer like this to happen in Finland. The importance of this show in today’s society, with a message of acceptance, is crucial. The show has changed people’s life, and now once it has opened again, we are here to keep spreading that positivity and making Tampere kinky!

Tickets are selling fast, if you want to secure yours, bookings can be made here:




In these challenging times, it is a pure wonder to see live theatre. Due to very different virus levels in different countries, many countries are currently completely without any live entertainment. Luckily, Finland has handled this crisis better than many other European country, and theatre are allowed to open and welcome audiences as long as safety measures are taken seriously and care of.

Helsinki City Theatre, the home for my previous productions of KINKY BOOTS and Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID, has successfully matched all criteria to reopen its doors to public, and therefore GROUNDHOG DAY the Musical (by Danny Rubin and Tim Minchin) opened on Thursday September 3rd. I had this great pleasure to direct this challenging, clever, and emotional script and story with a stellar team. Audience members, as well as critics, have been overwhelmed by the production, and its philosophical take on life and the meaning of time.

Here are some quotes from the press:

“Samuel Harjanne did it again! Director Harjanne has lifted the Helsinki City Theatre to international musical theatre standards with his previous hits Kinky Boots (2018) and Disney’s The Little Mermaid (2019), and Groundhog Day continues on this same, high-quality road.” - Groundhog Day (2020) / Selina Keränen, Apu, 4/9/2020

“The director of the original London production, Matthew Warchus, stated that whatever [Danny] Rubin was able to think of should be doable on stage - and it seems like our own musical theatre whiz-kid Samuel Harjanne has decided so as well.” - Groundhog Day (2020) / Mats Liljeroos, Hufvudstadsbladet, 4/9/2020

“Harjanne masters the genre of big musicals, and when it comes to majestic numbers, and visual treats, this show doesn’t leave you disappointed.” - Groundhog Day (2020) / Anu Puska, Etelä-Suomen Sanomat, 5/9/2020

On this exceptional season, both GROUNDHOG DAY and Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID are playing at the Helsinki City Theatre. To book tickets please follow the following links:





We are living extraordinary times due to the COVID-19 virus. Our world has suffered several dramatic tragedies, and today we are experiencing one of them.

In 2001, New York experienced another tragedy that shook the entire world. On September 11, 2001, The World Trade Centre was attacked by a plane, and the entire air space of the United States of America was closed immediately. Leaving hundreds of planes in the air without an airport to land on. One of the nearest big airports is found in Newfoundland, Canada. An old military airport was big enough to host 38 airplanes that were forced to land there after the attacks. The closest city, Gander, with a population of 11,000 people, had to welcome 7,000 strangers without a warning. For five days these people joined forces to accommodate these strangers, and something unique was born.

In 2016, a new musical opened on Broadway - COME FROM AWAY. A Canadian musical about this real-life-story of people of Gander who helped these 7,000 strangers from around the globe. This musical is something unforgettable, unique and beautiful. From such a tragedy something this beautiful was born.

I have a huge honor to create and design a brand new production of COME FROM AWAY in 2021. I am thrilled to continue my collaboration with Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, and it seems two of my shows (MATILDA & COME FROM AWAY) will be playing on their main stage during the same season. I am so proud and humbled by that.

This story is something everyone should experience - especially after what we all have just experienced in isolation. COME FROM AWAY has a power to unite countries, people, and souls.



Wohoo! It’s time to start the party - and this time in a church!

Famous from the unforgettable performance by Whoopy Goldberg, SISTER ACT is finally making its way to Estonia. I am happy and excited to return to Teater Vanemuine after the success of LES MISÉRABLES in 2017. My brand new production of LES MISÉRABLES played for three years to sold out audiences, and this time we are raising the roof with nuns.

The music of SISTER ACT is by Alan Menken, the man behind THE LITTLE MERMAID, and other famous Disney treasures, such as BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, POCAHONTAS, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, and HERCULES. The energetic score, and an action-filled story promises to capture everyones attention this November.

The cast is led by Tanja Mihhailova as Deloris Van Cartier , and she is joined by Merle Jalakas as Mother Superior, Kärt Anton as Sister Mary Robert, Rasmus Kull as Eddie, and Kalle Sepp as Curtis.

The creative team includes:

Director : Samuel Harjanne

Choreography : Gunilla Olsson

Music Direction Taavi Kull

Set & Costume Design : Karmo Mende

Light Design : Märt Sell

Sound Design : Toomas Paidra

I am so so looking forward to this disco inferno with nuns! More information can be found here: www.vanemuine.ee



Roald Dahl is one of the best storytellers I know. His fairytales and stories have reached millions of people around the world, and some of his famous work has been adapted to stage into musicals and plays. One of the most celebrated new musicals in the 21st century has been MATILDA - originally produced and conceived by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It has been playing since 2011 in London’s West End, and it has won at least 55 different awards globally.

I can’t believe my luck to get the absolute privilege to create a new magical version of this amazing musical, and to once again direct a large cast with lots of children in it. I’m returning to the TTT-Theatre of Tampere (Tampereen Työväen Teatteri), where my new production of BILLY ELLIOT opened in 2018, and enjoyed a successful run of 1,5 years. I’m also reuniting with my fantastic creative team from BILLY: Jari Saarelainen, Pirjo Liiri-Majava, Joonas Mikkilä, Tony Sikström - and as a new member (but not unfamiliar to me) Peter Ahlqvist.

We are about to launch the search for Matilda, and the other child characters for the production. More information about the production can be found here: https://ttt-teatteri.fi

I am ever so happy! And I can’t wait to get to be a little bit naughty.



What a year 2019 has been!
This year has been a successful, happy and a very busy year for me.

Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID premiered in Helsinki, Finland with sold out performances and rave reviews:
"This musical might very well be the most beautiful theatre Finland has ever seen!" - Mari Koppinen / Helsingin Sanomat

THE SECRET GARDEN opened at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in November, and I got to work with some of the future hopes of London's West End.

LES MISÉRABLES started its 3rd sold out year in Estonia! The final performance was played December 15th, 2019. I will miss this production with all my heart.

KINKY BOOTS had a sold out run at the Helsinki City Theatre! The final performance was on May 11th, 2019. I'm extremely happy that this production transfers to Tampere in 2020 - we open September 26th, 2020!

BILLY ELLIOT started its 2nd year in Tampere, and concluded its run on November 23rd. I miss all the cast members already too much.

While working with all these magnificent productions, I have been preparing for the incredibly busy 2020. I also put on my new company - Harjanne Company Ltd. which turns 1-year-old already on January 16th, 2020.

I am lucky to collaborate with so many fantastic international creative talents, as well as local stunning performers. I also want to thank every single one of you for your continuous support and love. And a special thanks to everyone who has seen any of my productions in 2019. Thank you for going to theatre, folks!

I’m looking forward to all the new challenges and exciting projects life has to offer!



This past month I have been working with another selection of fine new musical theatre talents studying at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. I am honoured for I keep on returning to this excellent drama school to educate and direct hungry and committed students again and again. I love teaching, and the major lessons of stage craft is being taught and experienced while training. It is a privilege for a Scandinavian director like me to be asked to teach in one of the best drama schools in the world.

This November (2019), the current second year students put on the musical adaptation of THE SECRET GARDEN. Original novel is by Frances Hodgson Burnett (1911), and the musical adaptation opened on Broadway in 1991. The book and lyrics are by Marsha Norman, and the music is by Lucy Simon.

I reunited with choreographer Lorena Randi, who I collaborated with in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF in 2018. The music direction was by David Keefe.

This was a special journey. We gave the musical an extraordinary treatment - giving focus on the ghost story instead of the children’s family story. Of course, one cannot avoid the story of the children and the lost family, but our focus was on the spiritual world. Kind of like ‘6th Sense’ meets ‘Rebecca’. It was very interesting, and rewarding to challenge myself, and the others, to find an interesting viewpoint to the musical.

And what a talented group of young performers I got to work with! I cannot wait to see how their future will look like. So proud.


Photo: Robert Seger

One of my biggest dreams came true on Thursday August 29th, 2019, when Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID opened in Helsinki, Finland - directed by me!

This has been a long dream for me - ever since 2012 after directing Disney’s ALADDIN, I started the creative process in my mind, as well as exploring possibilities to bring this fantastic show to a theatre in Scandinavia. It was not until couple of days later when I realised I actually achieved one of my wildest dreams. I am grateful, honoured and so happy.

Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID was praised by the audience, and all the reviews have been astonishing. Every major newspaper in Finland has pointed out, that nothing like this has been seen in Finland on stage. Ever. I am so blown away by the response, and I couldn’t be happier to learn that years of creative work was not for nothing.

Here is the official trailer of the show:


I would really want every single people to see this spectacular fairytale. Please, let me know if you get to see this show, and let me know what you think


The famous Mel Brooks musical THE PRODUCERS to open in Estonia, November 2020

Some writers, directors, practitioners, performers or musicians are legendary. But Mel Brooks, a comedy genius, has become legendary in many different areas of the show business world. He is not only a clever, intelligent writer, performer and director - he is also a talented musical theatre creator.

His famous movie comedy THE PRODUCERS was produced on Broadway in 2001, as a new fully musicalised version. It won the record-breaking 12 Tony Awards out of the 15 Tony Awards it was nominated for. THE PRODUCERS did something new to Broadway shows, brining comedy and Adolf Hitler to the front row. Now, this musical has been produced in almost every major theatre in the world - and next year Estonian audiences will get the first look at this hilarious musical.

I will be returning to the famous Vanemuine Theatre to direct the Estonian premiere of THE PRODUCERS, opening November 28th, 2020. My previous Estonian musical - LES MISÉRABLES - begins its 3rd sold out year this September, and I am so happy to return to this theatre and community of theatre lovers.

THE PRODUCERS flirts intelligently towards our profession, making fun of almost every single area and element of theatre making, and the theatre world. My fantastic team will include Karmo Mende (Set & Costume Design), Gunilla Olsson (Choreography), Matthew Jordan (Associate Choreography), Taavi Kull (Music Direction), and Toomas Paidra (Sound Design).

Look out, Estonia - here comes THE PRODUCERS!


MAAILMA ON TEHTY MEITÄ VARTEN - A New Musical to open in Helsinki 2020

Haloo Helsinki! is one of the most popular and successful pop groups in Finland. They have released five studio albums, and all of them have reached the top 10 of the Finnish Album Charts. In 2020, Suomen Komediateatteri is producing a brand new jukebox musical based on the hits by Haloo Helsinki! - MAAILMA ON TEHTY MEITÄ VARTEN. The show is named according to one of the most successful songs by the pop group.

I will be directing this new musical together with a great team - Sebastian Wennström / Choreography, Eeva Kontu & Tony Sikström / Music Direction, Jonathan Kyöttinen / Set Design, Maria-Helena Lehto / Costume Design and Toni Haaranen / Video Design.

The cast is yet to be announced. Performances begin at the Peacock Theatre in Helsinki, February 6th 2020. Tickets can be booked here: www.ticketmaster.fi

I am glad and excited to be a part of a team that is nurturing new musical theatre, especially when it is a Nordic theatre company. I am proud, and happy!



Kinky Boots has been playing at the Helsinki City Theatre since 2018, with every single performance being sold out. This new production has made musical theatre history in Finland, both artistically and in box office sales. More than 110 000 people have seen this critically acclaimed production - and since these boots were made for walking, Kinky Boots will continue its success story in 2020! The same production will transfer to Tampere, and performances will begin September 30th, 2020 at Tampereen Työväen Teatteri.

This transfer is historical as well, since cooperations like this have never been seen before on a scale like this. The Tampere production will include some of the original Helsinki cast members: Lauri Mikkola and Petrus Kähkönen will reprise their roles as Lola/Simon & Charlie, and many of the original Lola’s Angels will continue raising audiences up next year.

Kinky Boots has received multiple personal letters and comments from audience members of different ages, genders and backgrounds. Many of these have been personal stories about how the musical has affected their lives, and how they have learned to love themselves and others in a way they never thought possible. These reactions make this work important, and wants us to make better and better performances show after show. Thank you for loving our production, and thank you for sharing your personal experiences!

I am personally extremely happy about these news, and couldn’t be more proud of our team kinky! See you all next year! Until that, the sold out Helsinki production will keep the city kinky until May 11th.

The tickets for the Tampere production will go on sale May 13th, 2019. More information can be found here: www.ttt-teatteri.fi


Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID to open in 2019

Dreams do come true.

One of my biggest dreams has been working with Disney shows on stage, and THE LITTLE MERMAID is one of my favourite films from the Disney catalogue. Now I am directing a brand new production of this fairytale by H. C. Andersen in Helsinki, Finland - just after the critically acclaimed box office success KINKY BOOTS. Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID is going to be the biggest musical theatre production ever produced at the Helsinki City Theatre.

The story of Ariel premiered in 1989, and became one of the most influential Disney films of all time. The phenomenal score by Alan Menken, the unforgettable lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater, and the magical book by Doug Wright assures an adventure one will never forget. The mysterious underwater world will come alive in front of the audiences night after night - this show is more than just a musical. It is an experience.

I couldn’t be happier about this production. This design challenges everyone in the creative team, in the theatre, and everyone on stage. This will be a production I will never forget.

Tickets for THE LITTLE MERMAID will go on sale December 10th at hkt.fi
More information about the musical: hkt.fi


9 TO 5 at GSA & FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at Mountview

It has been my great pleasure to work with some talented musical theatre students in two of the most respected drama schools in the United Kingdom - GSA (Guildford School of Acting) and Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. This is my second time collaborating with Mountview, but my very first time to direct at GSA. I am grateful for being able to participate in the drama education of these young promising stage talents - it is extremely important to inspire and motivate in this business.

9 TO 5 is a musical by Dolly Parton. It is based on the famous movie of the same title, and it opened at Bellairs Theatre Nov 21st, 2018. I had the privilege to work with Darren Carnall and Mary McAdam by my side, and the stage and light design was designed by Declan Randall. More information about GSA here: gsauk.org

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF opens December 13th. This iconic stage musical is forever current, and it is my great pleasure to create this show with the 2nd year students of Mountview. Lorena Randi is the choreographer, and Richard Bates the music director. More information about Mountview here: www.mountview.org.uk


BILLY ELLIOT opened with fabulous reviews in Finland

Breathtaking reviews were seen in the Finnish media after the opening night of BILLY ELLIOT. The audiences have been giving standing ovations each night, and the tickets are selling fast.

This production has been advertised as the biggest production of Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, and it hasn’t disappointed the audiences expectations. There are more than 55 performers on stage, and the simple joy from stage is taking over the audiences night after night.

Here are two main reviews of the show (in Finnish):

Aamulehti ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ https://www.aamulehti.fi/a/201261001

Helsingin Sanomat ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ https://www.hs.fi/kulttuuri/art-2000005870060.html

Here are some of the quotes:

“Directional choices give excellent support to the young cast who do not have think of representing anything else than free souls on stage.” - Lauri Meri, Helsingin Sanomat

“The young performers dance, act and sing like the best professionals.” - Lauri Meri, Helsingin Sanomat

“Director Samuel Harjanne climbed immediately to the top of the profession.” - Seppo Roth, Aamulehti

“The boy of the miner’s village wants to dance in Billy Elliot, and it’s worth of five stars.” - Seppo Roth, Aamulehti

Tickets can be bought here:




No-one was capable of seeing what will happen after the opening night of KINKY BOOTS at the Helsinki City Theatre August 30th, 2018. It seems that Kinky Boots is an unknown piece of musical theatre for the Finnish audiences, so the pre-sales and interest towards this musical was not the highest in the history of the Helsinki City Theatre. But something happened once the preview audiences got to see the production.

Since the very first preview, audiences have rewarded the cast with long standing ovations and praising comments. And once the production finally opened, the press rewarded the show with multiple ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews, stating that this is the biggest hit ever in the history of the Helsinki City Theatre! Once the word got out, and the reviews came in, the Helsinki City Theatre Box Office broke all its records during the following week - Kinky Boots sold more than 12 500 tickets alone in 1 week. And today (September 23rd, 2018), almost 95% of the tickets have been sold.


“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” Lauri Meri / Helsingin Sanomat, 31/8/2018

“Kinky Boots is international top quality, and most likely the greater success in the history of the Helsinki City Theatre!” Mats Liljeroos / Hufvudstadsbladet, 31/8/2018

“Kinky Boots is a hit!” Lauri Meri / Helsingin Sanomat, 31/8/2018

“Kinky Boots is a perfect musical, and it can change the world.” Me Naiset, 31/8/2018

“Never have I ever experienced such an excited audience in a theatre.” Mats Liljeroos / Hufvudstadsbladet, 31/8/2018

“Kinky Boots is international top quality, and most likely the greater success in the history of the Helsinki City Theatre!” Mats Liljeroos / Hufvudstadsbladet, 31/8/2018

“It is now Helsinki, that shows New York and London how musicals should be done!” Tommi Saarela / Riffi, 6/9/2018

Here are some of the reviews (in Finnish or Swedish):

Helsingin Sanomat 31/8/2018 - Lauri Meri


Hufvudstadsbladet 31/8/2018 - Mats Liljeroos


Riffi 6/9/2018 - Tommi Saarela


More information and tickets:


Best availability for performances in 2019!



Last year I directed a production of SPRING AWAKENING for the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. Now the talented students have graduated, and take a huge step towards their professional careers - they have produced this production to open and perform at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. The London rehearsals are now over, and the entire cast has travelled to Scotland to open the show.

This unique stage adaptation includes exceptional talent on stage, rarely seen passion and pure love towards this art form. Previews begin August 3rd, and the performances run until Aug 18th.

Director: Samuel Harjanne
Choreographer: Jane McMurtrie
Music Supervisor: Stuart Morley
MD: Joe Beighton


David Perkins

Sam McCallum

Rhian Lynch

Emily Shuck

Tom Shiels

Chris Bewsher

Caitlin Goman

Emma Stepkowski

Mark Tims

Henry Lawes

Rebecca Bolton

Tashan Gilardi

Tickets can be booked here:




Since the early days of my love towards musical theatre, I have admired certain theatre makers. Jerry Mitchell and Harvey Fierstein are two of them. In 2015, I had the honour to collaborate with Mr Mitchell in London’s West End (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels), but now I am in for a real treat - I will direct a whole new production of one of the best musicals of this decade: Kinky Boots. Not only is this show a dream-come-true-project, but it is also originally directed by Mr Mitchell, and the book is written by Mr Fierstein! These are big boots to fill, but I couldn’t be happier to start wearing these shiny, kinky, glittery boots from this April onwards.

Kinky Boots is based on the 2005 film of the same name, and the original Broadway production opened on April 4th, 2013. It won 6 Tony Awards (including Best Musical & Best Score by Condy Lauper), and got 13 Tony Nominations that year. The London production opened in 2015, and since then the replica productions of Kinky Boots has been seen in South Korea, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan and Philippines. The first non-replica production was in Sweden in 2016, and now Finland is one of the first ones to bring it’s own production to the big stage of respected Helsinki City Theatre. The show opens in August 2018.

I am working with an amazing Creative Team:

Director: Samuel Harjanne
Choreographer: Gunilla Olsson
Music Director: Eeva Kontu
Set Designer: Peter Ahlqvist
Costume Designer: Tuoman Lampinen
Light Designer: William Iles
Sound Designer: Kai Poutanen
Hair & Make-Up Design: Henri Karjalainen

Our cast includes some of the strongest musical theatre artists and actors from both Finland and Sweden. You can find all the information from here: hkt.fi

I am beyond excited to start working with this musical that has such a strong message about acceptance, love, and prejudices. "You Can Change the World If You Change Your Mind!”






I was invited to direct SPRING AWAKENING the Musical at the respected Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London in 2017. This was the second time I directed this show, and it became one of the absolute highlights of my career. Why? Because the cast was brilliant - exactly the right age, loaded with emotions, filled with energy and stamina, and most importantly - full of love towards the show.

The production was praised by the small amount of audience we had in July 2017, and since then we have been joking about getting a transfer someday. But today this became true! These amazing actors are taking this production to the famous theatre festival at Edinburgh this Summer! I am so thrilled by these great news, and I couldn’t be happier for them and the show

SPRING AWAKENING is a musical that is often seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by many different theatre groups. Even so, the entire team felt that our production had something unique, and so we are moving towards this experience without fear. Since this will be entirely produced by the performers themselves, they have started a Go Fund Me - page, where they aim to collect funds for the transfer. It would be highly appreciated if you would be willing to donate either something very small, or something extremely large to this production. This musical, this production, and these performers deserve to be seen by many more people, and this is one of our main reasons behind this transfer. You can donate and see a joyful rehearsal video from our production here:


Thank you for your help and support!


BILLY ELLIOT begins rehearsals

As announced earlier, I will direct a new production of Elton John & Lee Hall’s famous musical BILLY ELLIOT in 2018. The production opens in Tampere, Finland, October 18th. This is the biggest production of this musical in Finland to date, and we have a cast of 55 performers, including 30 children aged 5 to 12. It is a big honour to direct this important story to one of the biggest stages in Finland - Tampereen Työväen Teatteri.

In the beginning of 2017, we held open auditions for the parts of Billy Elliot and Michael Caffrey. More than 100 young boys attended the casting session, and Billy Elliot School kicked off with 16 promising boys. Since February 2017, these 16 boys have been rehearsing 6 hours every week, including tap dance, ballet, jazz, singing, acting, and performance skills. The final casting was announced in December 2017, introducing our young stars - Osku Perkiö / Jiri Rajala / Simo Riihelä as Billy Elliots & Nuutti Kerppilä / Ilmari Kujansuu / Juho Mönkkönen as Michael Caffreys. You can see their 1st performance, and watch the live broadcast of the cast announcement here:


The main rehearsals began January 29th, 2018. The main rehearsal period will not obviously last for 9 months, there will be a major break between April - August, and rehearsals continue in September. This provides possibilities for our young cast members to develop, grow, and gain experience before the challenging performance period.

It has been a true pleasure to dive into the world of young children, their passions and ways of seeing this life - and I’m looking forward to learn a lot from them during this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every day makes me more proud, and I must try to control my emotions when seeing these children learn, develop, and grow into their characters little by little. By the time we open the show, I’ve been involved in their education for almost 2 years. I’m humble, and in constant awe.

More information can be found here:


Tickets can be purchased from here:



Les Misérables opens in Estonia

November 25th, 2017, was the official opening night for my new production of one of the most famous mega musicals in the world - Les Misérables (Hüljatud). The production was produced by famous Vanemuine Theatre, and it will also open officially in Tallinn December 8th, 2017.

This production has been by far the most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve had so far, and I have grown as a creative and as a human being through this experience. The cast of 67 performers, and a crew of more than 100 members, has become a great new family for me, and I couldn’t be more proud of my entire team. The international creative team has worked hard for this new production, and the audiences have embraced the musical with standing ovations night after night. The 1st year of the show is already nearly sold out both in Tallinn and Tartu, and the response has been amazing. The opening night was filled with local celebrities, media, and politicians - and the bows were the longest Estonia has seen in 20 years, according to media.

I am forever grateful for this experience, and I hope this musical will run for a long time in Estonia. Please visit Vanemuine Theatre website to find out more (and for more pictures and media): www.vanemuine.ee .


LES MISÉRABLES in rehearsals in Estonia

My greatest challenge so far is to re-create this phenomenal masterpiece in the famous Vanemuine Theatre in Tartu, Estonia. LES MISÉRABLES (Hüljatud) began rehearsals September 12th, and we will be working hard until November when this new design will be revealed to the public.

I am working with a huge cast - more than 50 members on stage every night! The main cast includes some of the most famous and talented Estonian performers, such as Koit Toome, Mikk Saar, Lauri Liiv, Kaire Vilgats, Marko Matvere, Maria Listra and Rolf Roosalu. I am extremely happy to direct by debut in Estonia with this extraordinary musical that has followed me my entire life. This production will be my 4th production - previously I’ve been involved in every Finnish production as an actor - from Gavroche to Enjolras. The pressure is high, but I am up for this challenge!

Tickets are selling fast, and Estonia seems to be quite a theatre country. To find more about the production, visit www.vanemuine.ee .

I am living the dream, and my love for my profession grows stronger every minute.

Les Misérables opens November 25th, 2017. This production is also visiting the Nordea Concert Hall in Tallinn from time to time. The official Tallinn premiere is in December 8th, 2017.



From Page to Stage is a festival of new musical theatre in the United Kingdom, and it has been showcasing new writing since 2013. This creative festival is produced by Katy Lipson and Aria Entertainment.

In 2017, they have included an entirely new season within this wonderful festival - FAMILY SEASON. I am excited to lead this season this year, and direct two staged readings of two brand new family musicals. These shows are CHICKEN LITTLE by Jake Brunger & Pippa Cleary, and DINOSTORY by Erin Carter, Luke Di Somma and Mark Anderson. It is wonderful to get to work with new writing, and with such a talented bunch of writers. DINOSTORY is the very first musical written by this team, but the writers of CHICKEN LITTLE are famous for their work with JET SET GO!, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, TREASURE ISLAND, and THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE.

More information about these two shows can be found here: www.theotherpalace.co.uk

More information about FROM PAGE TO STAGE can be found here: www.frompage2stage.com

Performances take place between August 28th - 30th. The festival runs from August 14th until September 3rd.



I am thrilled to announce that I will be returning to London this summer! After the successful Finnish run of Spring Awakening, I will be directing this show at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London. This will be my first musical theatre direction in a musical theatre college, and I couldn’t be more excited to meet the students.

There is no better contemporary show for educational purposes, and Spring Awakening offers multiple characters and opportunities to train one’s acting skills, and it has just enough challenge when it comes to the topics and themes.

I am honoured to join the talented staff of Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, and I’m looking forward to work with this timeless material again.

The rest of the creative team includes Stuart Morley as the Music Director, and Jane McMurtrie as the Choreographer.

More information about the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts here: www.mountview.org.uk

This show is not a public show.


Disney’s Beauty And the Beast the Movie (2017)

Tale as old as time. This fairy tale returns back to the big screen as a live-action version in March 2017, directed by Bill Condon, and produced by - who else but - Disney. This movie was a big part of my childhood, and since the Broadway opening of the musical adaptation, I’ve been dreaming of directing the musical myself. Now I am thrilled to announce that I have been working with the Finnish version for the last 2 months - directing the Finnish voice overs to this magical film. I spent the entire December 2016, and January 2017 in a dark (but warm) studio, and I’ve had the time of my studio life. This movie musical has the total of 13 songs, including some great new songs by Alan Menken. All songs are recorded in Finnish, and the amount of talent, I’ve had the privilege to work with, has been insane. The original stellar cast includes international stars such as Emma Watson as Belle, Luke Evans as Gaston, Dan Stevens as the Beast, Ewan McGregor as Lumiére, and Sir. Ian McKellen as Cogsworth. The amazing Finnish cast includes talents such as Maaria Nuoranne as Belle, Jonas Saari as Gaston, Tuukka Leppänen as the Beast, Paavo Kerosuo as Lumiére, the Grammy-Award winner Johanna Rusanen-Kartano as Mme. de Garderobe, and Ulla Renko as Mrs. Potts.

The movie opens globally in March 2017. If you love musical theatre, this movie should not be missed.
Be our guest!


Billy Elliot the musical

One of the most successful British musicals, Billy Elliot the musical, is coming to Tampere, Finland in 2018. I have a huge privilege to direct this new production of this emotional musical by Elton John and Lee Hall. The original production opened in London in 2005, and it ran for 11 years at the Victoria Palace Theatre. It has been seen by more than 10 million people in 5 different continents, and now it arrives to one of the biggest stages in Finland.

I couldn’t be more excited to work with this amazing material. It wasn't long ago since I saw the original film, and I had forgotten how good it is. The stage adaptation is absolutely genius, and honours the original screen play. We have been auditioning hundreds of children for the two main roles, and we start educating these young talents in March 2017. The production will open in the Autumn 2018.

More information can be found at www.ttt-teatteri.fi.

Tickets go on sale in December 2017.


Spring Awakening opens in Tampere, Finland

The musical adaptation by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater opens in Tampere, Finland this Friday (Feb 24th, 2017). This is the second production in Finland, and the cast includes raw young talent and emotions. The musical is based on the play by Frank Wedekind from 1891, and it is unfortunately current in 2017. Themes, such as abortion, suicide, teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, abuse and sexual awakening, are still big taboos in our societies all around the world.

Tickets have been selling extremely well for this production. Over 60% of the tickets are sold way before the official opening in February. Welcome to witness these young talented actors creating a brave new production of this great musical.



In 2009 I performed in the 1st Finnish production of Duncan Sheik and Steven Shater’s SPRING AWAKENING the musical. Now, 8 years later, I am honoured to direct the 2nd Finnish production to Tampereen Työväen Teatteri. This naked new production will open in February 2017, and it includes a young, brave cast.

SPRING AWAKENING is based on the 1891 play by Frank Wedekind, and it explores themes such as sexual awakening, sexuality, violence, suicide, and teenage pregnancy. The play was forbidden when it was first published, and these same themes are still more or less controversial and silenced. The musical adaptation opened on Broadway in 2006, winning 8 Tony Awards (including Best Musical in 2006), 4 Drama Desk Awards, and even the original cast album received a Grammy Award.

The Creative Team:

  • Director - Samuel Harjanne
  • Music Director - Niina Alitalo
  • Choreography - Miika Riekkinen
  • Set & Costume Design - Katri Innanmaa
  • Light Design - Ville Finnilän
  • Sound Design - Kyösti Kallio

The Cast:

  • Wendla Bergmann - Inna Tähkänen
  • Melchior Gabor - Julius Martikainen
  • Moritz Stiefel - Jasper Leppänenn
  • Ilse Neumann - Veera Tapanainen
  • Hanschen Rilow - Petteri Loukio
  • Martha Bessel - Kaisla Ollila
  • Ernst Röbel - Miro Puranene
  • Georg Zirschnitz - Osku Ärilä
  • Otto Lämmermeier - Teemu Sytelä
  • Thea - Kia Laitakari
  • Anna - Sonja Pajunoja
  • Male Swing - Valtteri Aaltonen
  • Female Swing - Christa Vänskä
  • Female Swing - Noora Koski

  • Ensemble - Emilia Keskivinkka, Roosa Lehtinen, Ella Numminen, Anna Rantanen, Liisa Hytti ja Helena Puukka

More information and tickets from www.ttt-teatteri.fi


Disney’s Pete’s Dragon

After a 3-year break, I returned to direct a Finnish version of the latest live-action film by Disney - Pete’s Dragon. This wonderful remake of the famous 1977 film is officially dubbed in Finnish, and it will hit the Scandinavian movie theatres in October, 2016. The American release date was already August 12th, 2016.

The Finnish cast is filled with some major talents, including Heikki Sankari, Maria Järvenhelmi, Ilkka Villi, and introducing Vilppu Uusitalo - a bright young 9-year-old star as Pete. The original cast includes Bryce Dallas Howard, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, Robert Redford, and Oakes Fegley as Pete. The director of the film is David Lowery.


Les Misérables in Estonia

I will direct my first show in Estonia in the autumn of 2017. And not just any musical, the mega-musical of mega-musicals - Les Misérables. This completely new production of this hit musical will open at the Vanemuine Theatre in Tartu in November 2017. The same production will open in Tallinn in December 2017.

Les Misérables has been playing in London’s West End since 1985, and it is the longest running musical in the West End’s history. It has been produced in over 40 countries around the world, and in more than 20 languages.

In 1999, I was part of the Helsinki City Theatre production of Les Misérables as Gavroche. Since then, I have been part of every production of this musical in Finland - as an actor. It seems that this show is not gonna let go of me easily. I am overwhelmed, humble, and honoured to direct this masterpiece of storytelling in Estonia, and in the biggest theatre in the country. I cannot express my excitement enough to create a fresh new non-replica production of this world-famous musical by permission of Sir Cameron Mackintosh himself. I dreamed a dream, and this is that dream coming true.

The production is in Estonia. More information coming soon.


'I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!' opens in Helsinki, Finland

On March 31st, Club Capital in Helsinki, Finland, will fill with love and happiness. ‘I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE!’ by Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts has a Press Night, and our wonderful production is ready to fly. This is my second time I direct this clever musical, this time in Finnish. The cast is superb, and the Creative Team could not be more right for this show. I have had so much fun with the text, cast, crew, and my crazy imagination, that I feel very sentimental to let this show live it’s own life without the director from now on.

If you love comedy, stand-up, emotional roller coaster rides, awkward situations, great music, talented actors, multitasking, or just a fun night out - this show is for you. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster Finland, or by visiting www.suomenkomediateatteri.fi.

To see the trailer please follow this link www.youtube.com


'I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!' in rehearsals

Suomen Komediateatteri’s production of I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE! started rehearsals in Helsinki on Monday 22nd February, 2016. This is the second time I get my hands on this clever musical about relationships and love - this time in Finnish. The cast includes some of the most famous actors in Finland, and I get to re-unite with the talented Jari Saarelainen (Choreography) and Risto Kupiainen (Music Director). The atmosphere is hilarious, filled with talent, excitement, laughter, emotions - and love. This production ('Käyttöohje kahdelle' in Finnish) - will open in Club Capital on March 31st, 2016.

Book your tickets from


The Creative Team:

  • Director - Samuel Harjanne
  • Choreography - Jari Saarelainen
  • Music Director - Risto Kupiainen
  • Costume Design - Leena Honkasalo
  • Set and Light Design - Janne Teivainen
  • Make-up and Wigs - Pirjo Leino
  • Production - Anni Widing
  • Translation - Tiina Puumalainen

The Cast:

  • Kaisa Hela
  • Ushma Karnani
  • Riku Nieminen
  • Heikki Ranta


Dance of the Vampires opens in Helsinki

One of the most popular European musicals, Tanz der Vampire (Dance of the Vampires), opens in Helsinki on the 3rd of February. This spectacular production is produced by Helsinki City Theatre, and it’s booking until the end of April 2016. This time I’ll appear on stage - I will be portraying the colourful son of Count von Krolock, Herbert von Krolock. It is important for every director to remember (or know) what it is like to be on stage, perform in front of a live audience night after night, and give a full-out performance every day. I am happy to share the stage with some of the most talented actors and musical theatre talents in Finland.

To see the performance calendar, and to book your tickets, please visit:


To watch the teaser trailer of the show, please follow this link:


To watch the trailer of the show, please follow this link:


Here is the Finnish cast list:

  • Alfred Petrus Kähkönen/ Miiko Toiviainen
  • Abronsius Antti Timonen / Tuukka Leppänen
  • Kreivi von Krolock Jonas Saari / Mikko Vihma
  • Chagal Kari Mattila / Risto Kaskilahti
  • Rebecca Vuokko Hovatta / Leenamari Unho
  • Sarah Raili Raitala/ Anna Victoria Eriksson
  • Magda Sanna Majuri / Laura Alajääski
  • Koukol Juha Jokela
  • Herbert Samuel Harjanne


  • Emilia Nyman
  • Kirsi Karlenius
  • Sofia Hilli
  • Tiina Peltonen
  • Inka Tiitinen
  • Kaisa Torkkel
  • Kai Lähdesmäki
  • Sampo Kerola
  • Ilkka Kokkonen
  • Unto Nuora
  • Hanna Mönkäre
  • Tuukka Raitala
  • Sami Paasila


Alvin and the Chipmunks - Road Chip

I have been working as a voice over talent since 1998, and I have been involved with numerous entertaining and challenging animations and live-action movies as a voice talent and director. 'Alvin and the Chipmunks’ is a phenomenon I have been very fortunate to get involved in, and I am happy to announce that the 4th motion picture is out. The Finnish version will be released in Finland on the 5th of February 2016, and I have given my voice to Theodore, the youngest of the Chipmunks. These movies are exceptionally challenging for the voices are faster than usual human voices - that means that the original sound files are slower than ’normal’ human voice.

It is my great pleasure to work with this movie by 20th Century Fox, and the talented people at Werne Oy in Finland.

Here you can see the Finnish trailer of the film: youtu.be/DtoLM3FqPaU


I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change! in Helsinki, Finland 2016

In 2014 I directed the Swedish production of I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE!, and now - 2 years later - I have a wonderful opportunity to direct this clever, romantic musical in Finnish as well. This musical by Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts explores the difficult, hysterical, romantic and embarrassing moments of human relationships. It is a timeless visit to the mysterious world of love and romance.

This production (translated into Finnish - Käyttöohje Kahdelle) is produced by Komediateatteri Arena (www.komediateatteriarena.fi) and it will open in March 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. My creative team is amazing, and the cast includes some of the biggest names of the Finnish entertainment business today. The opening night is on March 31st, 2016 at Club Capital (Fredrikinkatu 51, 00100 Helsinki), and tickets can be booked from www.lippupalvelu.fi .

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change! (Käyttöohje Kahdelle)


  • Direction by Samuel Harjanne
  • Music Direction by Risto Kupiainen
  • Choreography by Jari Saarelainen
  • Stage & Light Design by Janne Teivainen
  • Costumes by Leena Honkasalo
  • Make-up & Hair by Pirjo Leino
  • Translation by Tiina Puumalainen


  • Kaisa Hela
  • Ushma Karnani
  • Riku Nieminen
  • Heikki Ranta


Represented by The Production Exchange

I am excited to announce that from now on I will be professionally represented by ‘The Production Exchange' agency, based in London. This very friendly and professional agency is a nice small family, and I feel very welcome and happy to join them. This collaboration might bring some exciting plans for the future, and I truly hope we can help one another. So, if you are interested in contacting me - you can either contact me via ‘Contact form’ or you can get in touch with my fantastic agents. Here we go!


Don’t Run – A New Musical

I will direct the first London production of Don’t Run – A New Musical this November. Performances take place at Waterloo East Theatre in London, and the musical will open on November 5th.

Don’t Run is a story about the Thompson family, and the personal struggles we all are fighting with. Michael Thompson, the father of the family, is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and he realises his life is not complete. He is not ready to die. He leaves on a journey to learn to love and treasure his life, and the little that is left of it. His brave wife Lindsay takes her family with her to find their father across Europe, and this emotional trip reveals scars and hidden secrets from the Thompson family.

This is my very first time working with an original material that has not been performed anywhere before. The script is exceptionally strong to be a piece of new writing, and I am very excited to be part of developing it. This musical explores the humanity in us, and what it means to love yourself, and one another. Don’t miss Don’t Run.

Follow Don’t Run on twitter: @DontRunOfficial


Tanz der Vampire (Dance of the Vampires)

I am proud to announce that I will be joining the cast of Tanz der Vampire (Dance of the Vampires / Vampyyrien tanssi), produced by Helsinki City Theatre. This time I will return to stage, playing Herbert, the son of Count von Krolock. This production is directed and choreographed by Markku Nenonen, and I am looking forward to work with him again. Last time we worked together in Disney’s Aladdin in 2012, where he played Jafar under my direction. The cast includes some of the best musical theatre performers in Finland, and I could not be happier to join forces with them again.

Performances will begin in February at the Peacock Theatre in Helsinki, and the show will run until the end of April 2016. I am excited to sink my shiny vampire teeth into this sinister, but fabulous, musical.

More information here: www.hkt.fi



This month I have been working with DUSTY the musical. It is currently playing at the Charing Cross Theatre in London’s West End. This musical is about Dusty Springfield and her exciting life, celebrating her unforgettable music. The show includes some of her most famous songs, such as ‘I Only Want To Be With You’, ’Son Of A Preacher Man’ and ‘Wishin’ And Hopin’’, and includes some impressive multimedia technology. I was brought in to help the new cast members to step in to the show, and work with the wonderful creative team of this unique multimedia musical. This is a huge privilege to me, and I am happy to see the excitement, commitment and creative vision this talented team has. I am looking forward to this show to shine bright.

You can find more information about the show from




I could not be happier to be part of this creative family!


LOSERVILLE at Guildford School of Acting

I will be directing and creating a special adaptation of LOSERVILLE the musical at Guildford School of Acting this July. The performances will take place at Ivy Arts Centre in Guildford, UK. I have an honour to work closely with the authors of the show, Elliot Davis and James Bourne, as well as my talented music director, Sean Mayes. The international cast includes some of the best young talents in the UK, and this fresh production will bring youthful positivity and energy to Guildford. More information about the process will be announced soon.

Loserville the musical at GSA

  • Book, Music & Lyrics:
    Elliot Davis and James Bourne

  • Adaptation:
    Samuel Harjanne and Sean Mayes

  • Direction:
    Samuel Harjanne

  • Music Direction:
    Sean Mayes

  • Choreography:
    Mitchell Harper

  • Light & Sound Design:
    Julian Bruton

  • Costume Design:
    Leto Marin

  • Assistant Director:
    Ryan Bennett

  • Assistant MD:
    Daniel Cartwright

  • CAST

  • Michael Dork:
    Cameron Potts

  • Lucas Lloyd:
    Bradley Judge

  • Francis Wier:
    Matt McCallion

  • Marvin Camden:
    Jed Berry

  • Holly Manson:
    Leto Marin

  • Eddie Arch:
    Josh Wichard

  • Huey Phillips:
    James Nicholson

  • Wayne Pagoda:
    Troy LePage

  • Leia Dawkins:
    Francesca Pim

  • Elaine Friend:
    Drou Constantinou

  • Samantha Powden:
    Stefanie Stone

  • Ensemble:
    Ryan Bennett
    Javier Cáberiz
    Daniel Cartwright
    Jodee Conrad
    Matthew Navin
    Katy Stokes


The UK tour of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

This past month I have been working as an assistant director in the UK tour of DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS the musical. This is a big part of my education at GSA, and a huge experience for me. This particular musical has been one of my favourite shows since it opened on Broadway in 2004, and I couldn’ t be more proud to be part of this talented creative team. One of my all time wishes came true when I got a chance to work with Jerry Mitchell during the rehearsal process in London. He has been a huge influence to me, and I can’t admire his work more.

The talented cast is led by Michael Praed, Noel Sullivan, Mark Benton, Carley Stenson and Geraldine Fitzgerald. The tour will open in Birmingham in early May, and this cunning show will tour around the UK and Ireland for a year. Book your tickets through atgtickets.co.uk.


Website is open!

My professional website finally got live! Welcome to explore my exciting website, my history as an artist, my production history, my photo & video gallery, and much more. If you experience problems / bugs, please let us know so that we can fix the issue as soon as possible. Feel free to contact me. I hope you will enjoy my website!

My Media

Here you get the access to ‘sights and sounds’ of the professional productions of my career. Explore productions directed by me, productions I have performed in, and characters I have given my voice to. Enjoy!

Photo by © Sanna Liimatainen

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Little Mermaid Trailer


Little Mermaid (2019)




BILLY ELLIOT - Director’s Interview


Billy Elliot (2018)


“Kinky Boots Trailer (2018)”


Kinky Boots (2018)


“Kinky Boots (2018) Making Of”


Les Misérables (2017) Trailer


Les Misérables (2017)


Spring Awakening (2017)


I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change! (2016) Trailer


I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change! (2016)


Dance of the Vampires (2016) Trailer


Dance of the Vampires (2016)


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, UK tour 2015.


The Three Little Pigs (2014)


The Three Little Pigs, music video


The Three Little Pigs, teaser


The Three Little Pigs, director


The Three Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolf


I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change! (2014)


Les Misérables (2013)


Risto Räppääjä ja nukkavieru Nelli (2013)


Risto Räppääjä ja nukkavieru Nelli, interview


Hevisaurus ja Velhojenvuoren Salaisuus (2013)


Jekyll & Hyde (2013)


Jekyll & Hyde, trailer


Next To Normal (2012)


Next to Normal, teaser


Next to Normal, rehearsal


Aladdin (2012)


Aladdin, director


Aladdin, Jafar


Aladdin, trailer


Aladdin, Swedish TV clip


When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town 2011


Striking 12 (2011)


Striking 12, teaser


Striking 12, trailer 1


Striking 12, trailer 2


Striking 12, presentation


You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (2011)


Legally Blond (2011)


Legally Blonde, trailer


Les Misérables (2010)


Les Misérables ÅST


The Wedding Singer (2010)


Spring Awakening trailer


Spring Awakening (2009)


High School Musical (2009)


High School Musical2, trailer


Altar Boyz (2008)


High School Musical (2008)


High School Musical, trailer


Avenue Q (2007)


Pokémon XY Theme song


Lorax scene


Lorax trailer


Peter Pan – Return To Neverland, song


The Adventures of Tintin – Secret of the Unicorn, scene


Fan Art


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Professional, international, passionate!

Put on a great production by finding the best industry professionals for your chosen production. Allow your staff to concentrate on other important matters while a committed and enthusiastic team is managing the creatives for your production.

If you want to develop a new musical, or your theatre would like to produce an existing production – we are here for you!

Creative Team Management

Harjanne Company Ltd offers creative team services to allow your staff to use their valuable resources more efficiently during a production. Harjanne Company Ltd takes care of all things related to the creative teams. We offer the highest level of creative minds, and we commit to find the best possible creatives to your show from our wide line-up of international industry professionals. Naturally, all decisions are made together with the client.

Within the agreed budget, Harjanne Company Ltd takes care of all fees, costs, scheduling, planning and offers a simple solution for a theatre representative to communicate your needs to the creative team.

New Writing Development

We at Harjanne Company Ltd believe in the importance of developing new work. As an art form, musical theatre allows a wide variety of possibilities when creating a new stage show – whether it is based on already existing material or not. Our crew is specialised in musical theatre creation and offers creative minds for developing a new show. Whether you have an existing idea or draft, or you would like to start from scratch, we are here to help you to take the next steps.

From script writing and concept workshopping, to dramaturgical guidance, we commit to find the best possible creative minds for your needs. If you have an idea – contact us!

Transfer a Production

Creative teams managed by Harjanne Company Ltd have been involved in various productions in different countries. Harjanne Company Ltd offers your theatre an easy way to put on a production that has already been designed for another venue. Putting on a production with an existing design allows your theatre to have a cost-friendlier budget, smaller pre-production costs, and a production that is guaranteed to attract and entertain audiences. The creative team fee is a royalty percentage of the box office gross (royalty fee negotiated separately). In some cases, Harjanne Company Ltd might have access to existing set elements of a specific design that might be negotiated to be used in your physical production. This facilitates ecological, budget-friendly theatre making. All productions are subject to performance right approval by the performance right owners.

My Contacts

If you wish to contact me, please fill out this form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am always interested in connecting with new artists and producers, or anyone with ideas for further development.

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